5 Ways to enjoy the holidays like a kid.

The holidays change as you get older and have kids. They become more stressful. When you have to worry about holiday travel, finding the perfect gift, and playing Santa, it’s easy to forget the magic of the holiday season. Here are five ways you can enjoy the holidays like a kid again and keep the magic alive for years to come.

  1. Plan activities ahead: To thrive holidays create a plan at least 2 weeks before the holidays and stick to it. Plan all of the expenses like groceries, travel, gifts, clothes, etc, so you don’t end up making your situation worse for the sake of the holidays. This will leave you with a clear idea of how much you can really spend instead of going ahead blindly.
  2. D.I.Y Decorations: Recycle and reuse Christmas decorative lightings and decorations. And try some DIY home decor like paper flowers, decorate pillows with stones, etc as they bring elements of your distinct style into your house and are less expensive.
  3. Look for Free Activities: Look for free fun activities to do. Go for a stroll and check out neighborhood light displays, volunteer to help others down at the food bank. Find reasons to be grateful for what you do have this season, and you will be well on your way to rocking the holidays on a tight budget!
  4. It’s about sharing: As family members gather to share holiday meals, don’t get stuck buying all the groceries. Ask your guests to bring side dishes, drinks, and desserts. You’ll trim your food budget and spend less time in the kitchen, while also having fun sampling new foods and exchanging recipes.
  5. Invest in creating memories: If you feel like your holiday season won’t be a success unless you drop some big bucks on gifts for your friends and family, think again. Spend an evening watching old movies or playing board games with your loved ones. You won’t spend much money at all, and you’ll remember the time spent together long afterward.

Bottom Line:

Despite the ‘magic of the season,’ the holidays can be stressful and block our ability to enjoy them wholeheartedly. By taking a lesson from children, we can gain a fresh perspective on the holidays and move our mindset from one of stressful obligation to conscious enjoyment.