7 Tips to host an amazing Thanksgiving on a budget.

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving feast this year? Family, friends, and delicious food seem like a foolproof combination, but if you don’t plan for all the expenses, your budget can take a hit. It can be easy to spend a fortune on turkey, side dishes, beverages, and decorations in an effort to be a good host. 

So before you start preparing for Thanksgiving, check out these tips for a fun, tasty, and budget-friendly party and turn your Thanksgiving into a Thankssaving!

  1. Set a budget: The first thing to do is decide what your budget will be. This will determine everything from what you will be serving to how many people you will invite.  Everything flows through your budget. Allot at most 30-50% of your monthly earnings for all the expenses like food, decoration, gifts, and entertainment.

  2. Make a list and stick to it:  Never ever go shopping without a list.  Make a list of the gift items and the total number of gifts you require. When you create the menu, make a list of all the ingredients it will take to prepare your dishes. To save more on grocery bills start buying your ingredients several weeks ahead of time.  buy the seasonal ingredients when they are on sale.

  3. Save on the turkey: Buy turkey a few weeks prior to the big day as the grocery stores are already putting turkeys on sale. Most stores will also give you a free turkey (up to a certain weight) with the purchase of a ham. Keep in mind though, that hams are more expensive than turkey, so if you’re not a big fan of ham, it would be better to leave it off and just buy the turkey.

  4. It’s about sharing: As family members gather to share holiday meals, don’t get stuck buying all the groceries. Ask your guests to bring side dishes, drinks, and desserts. You’ll trim your food budget and spend less time in the kitchen, while also having fun sampling new foods and exchanging recipes.

  5. Decorate with handmade and natural items:  Instead of blowing your budget on store-bought décor, get creative and take a look around. Go on a hunt to collect colorful, dry leaves, fresh berries, acorns, and sticks for centerpieces. Have your little ones join in the fun, and encourage them to craft personalized napkin rings, placemats, and name cards from items you already have around the house.

  6. Invest in creating memories: If you feel like your Thanksgiving won’t be a success unless you drop some big bucks on gifts for your friends and family, think again. Spend an evening watching old movies or playing board games with your loved ones. You won’t spend much money at all, and you’ll remember the time spent together long afterward.

  7. Plan for leftovers: There’s nothing better than having your meals taken care of for that busy weekend after Thanksgiving.  If you still find yourself with leftovers be sure to freeze them and get creative with your leftovers by creating turkey soup or a wrap. 

Don’t let the cost of hosting Thanksgiving dinner keep you from doing it or enjoying this blessed holiday with friends and family.  It’s very possible to have a memorable holiday and stay within your budget just by following these simple tips. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!