7 Tips to enjoy holidays on a low budget

The holiday season is quickly approaching. With gifts, food, decor, and entertainment, it’s an expensive time of year — and these expenses can make the season feel more stressful than festive. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce your spending and still have a wonderful time.

Here are 7 tips for enjoying the holidays on a low budget.

  1. Plan activities ahead: To thrive holidays on a tight budget, create a plan at least 2 weeks before the holidays and stick to it. Plan all of the expenses like groceries, travel, gifts, clothes, etc, so you don’t end up making your situation worse for the sake of the holidays. This will leave you with a clear idea of how much you can really spend instead of going ahead blindly.
  2. Shop smart: Create a shopping list and know the average price of the items on your list so you know when the sale is a deal. Don’t get caught up in the BOGO (buy one get one) sale if you don’t need the second item. Do online research to compare prices. If you are shopping online, also look for ṁmembership discounts or coupons.
  3. Use all you have in the pantry: Make a rule of buying no food unless you have used everything at home. Plan your meals around them. Go for seasonal fruits and vegetables and stock on them when they’re on sale. If you are having guests over, serve meatless dishes and a lot of appetizers.
  4. Make Homemade Gifts: Save money but still enjoy the gifting part of the holidays with homemade gifts. Use the things you have on hand to make personalized, meaningful gifts like cards, paper flower bouquets, homemade chocolates, etc for the people you love.
  5. Save on decor: When it comes to decorating on a budget, DIY is your best friend. Look to nature and add sprigs of greenery and pinecones If you have children, spend some time making paper snowflakes together and hang them on windows. Be creative and have fun with it.
  6. Look for Free Activities: Look for free fun activities to do. Go for a stroll and check out neighborhood light displays, volunteer to help others down at the food bank. Find reasons to be grateful for what you do have this season, and you will be well on your way to rocking the holidays on a tight budget!
  7. Earn Extra Cash: A great way to deal with a tight budget during the holidays is to work on simple ways to earn extra cash. Sell off things you do not need or crafts you have made that others can give as gifts. This is the best time of year to pick up a part-time seasonal job for extra money if you have the time to spare.

A tight budget during the holidays is a common issue that most of us will face at some point in our lives. If you find yourself with a tight budget this holiday season don’t let it ruin your fun. This year, rock the holidays on a tight budget with these simple but meaningful ideas. Go on and enjoy the holidays in your own way!

Happy Holidays!


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