15 Genius ways to save money around the house


When sprucing up your home, there are a plethora of genius tricks you can use to save you money. A simple way to save money around the house is to be more deliberate about the products you use and buy on a regular basis.

If the money seems to be disappearing before your eyes… these genius ways to save money around the house are here to help!

  1.  Make a Household Budget

It's time to sit down and set a budget to see where your hidden expenses are and examine where your dollars are going. You can learn to build a budget in no time flat, or tune-up one you currently have.

  1. Shop at the Right Time of Year

 Buy furniture in January/February, barbecues in fall, and holiday decor after Christmas, to get the cheapest prices.

  1. Get a Sunday Paper Delivery

Sunday papers are full of coupons. The amount of savings gained from using these food and retailer coupons will far exceed the cost of the paper.

  1. Organize and Use Your Pantry

Keeping a well-organized food pantry means you are less likely to buy things you don't need or let items go past their expiration dates.

  1.  Be Your Own Barista

We all know how much coffee shops can cost, so brew your own at home and take a to-go mug with you in the morning. Invest in small hand-frothers, syrups, or just use cinnamon or other common flavorings to fancy things up. 

  1.  Relax for Less

Rather than pay for relaxation, find other cheaper ways to unwind. Try meditation, reading, napping, or an affordable hobby instead of old habits that cost more, like shopping online or mixing up expensive cocktails.

  1. Join Store Loyalty Programs

Supermarkets, pharmacies, and retailers all offer loyalty cards these days. The points and savings really add up. You can save almost 25% or more off purchases just by being part of the program

  1. Make Your Own Cleaners

There are so many ways to make your own cleaning products using things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and other common household items, all of which are cheaper than brand-name cleaners.

  1. Rethink Your Cable

Cut back on premium channels or try the many alternatives, cheaper online viewing options, which you can access via your laptop or connected devices.

    10. Switch to Cloth Napkins

You can get good-enough-for-everyday and still much nicer than paper, all-cotton table napkins, in a variety of colors and patterns, for a couple of dollars each, and sometimes less. Since they're cotton instead of linen, just wash and fold, no ironing required!

     11. Use Free Designers and Advice

Take advantage of many retailers' in-house design teams. Furniture stores often offer free design consultants, paint stores always have some knowledgeable advice, and even certain clothing retailers have free stylists to help you shop.

      12. Buy in Season or Frozen Veggies

Avoid pricey out-of-season fruits and vegetables or exotic fresh picks at your grocery store and instead buy local, in-season options. Frozen is also cheaper and just as full of nutrients.

      13. Cash Back Reward Cards

If you must use credit, make sure you are getting cashback rewards on your card. Credit card companies are super competitive, so if your card is not giving you benefits, there is definitely one that will (just make sure to check the APR).

       14. Buy Certain Things in Bulk

Check the per-unit price at warehouse clubs and supermarkets to get the best deals per unit when buying in bulk. Avoid buying fresh items and dairy in bulk unless you intend to use them immediately. 

   15. Pay Your Bills Online

Not only will this save you stamps and checks, but the many email reminders and ease of paying online will help you never miss a bill and don’t have to pay a late charge.

If you're looking to save money, these simple ways will help you to cut down on costs. Monitoring your budget, and eliminating unnecessary items can help you save hundreds a year. 

From saving on food and shopping to reducing monthly bills, making small changes can add up to a big difference in savings.

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