TimelyBills : A Bill Reminder App, Make Lives Easier

Our lives today are mired in hundreds of activities that are both difficult to remember and stressful. Amongst these activities, the ones related to bill payments and EMI payments rank as very important but irritatingly forgettable at the same time. Bills today are also no longer limited to a specific chunk of services that can be remembered easily and reliably. EMIs too come in different flavors (one for the house, one for the car etc.) that can be spread across multiple accounts in different banks making the process of remembering them all the more difficult. Hence, it is clear to assume that one would need a Bill and EMI Reminder app. As it turns out, the app ‘TimelyBills’ (available on Android) does that and much more, making our lives a lot easier.
Features for bill reminder and Payment
TimelyBills has an array of features dedicated for bill and EMI payment built with thoughtful design and inspirations from the real world. At the outset, there is a dashboard that gives a quick snapshot of the upcoming, overdue and paid bills that are there. In our busy lives, a quick glance can save time and hassle.
If one taps on the ‘Bills & EMI’ page in the app, one sees a tabbed display of bills paid in the current month, bills overdue and bills that upcoming. The idea here is to show all the bills segregated by these sections. This gives the users a deeper look at their bills.
Bill and EMI Reminder
A user can also tap on any of the rows in the tabs to view the details of the added bill. The details show if the payment is due today (which brings up a ‘Pay Now’ label in red) or it shows the number of days in which it is due.
An interesting feature here is the viewing of the ‘Recurring Bills’ that can be done by selecting that option from the top right.
The bills that are displayed in the tracking section of the app appear when we add bills with the ‘+’ button on the main screen. The ‘+’ button brings up a screen that gives ample amounts of options to add a bill. The following options or fields are available on the screen.

Updating bills

1) Select type- This is choosing the type of bill, whether electricity or phone or home EMI etc. This list is quite comprehensive.
2) Select provider- Depending on the first selection, this list is smartly populated with the relevant options. For example, if you chose electricity as the type, this list would consist of the electricity boards in the country.
3) Add a title- This gives an identifying title to the bill.
4) Add amount due- This is the amount of the bill.
5) Choose a due date- This is the due date and you can choose the number of days before which you wish to be given a reminder.
6) Select repeats/no repeats- Repeat options can be chosen for recurring payments like rent etc.
7) Add comments/notes- This is a notes section of the bill to capture additional details if any.
The calendar can also be accessed to see the bills’ figures for each date in the calendar.
The app brings all these details to be nicely reflected in the charts and reports that it has.


With these features, TimelyBills is a great add-on to the tools we use in our lives to reduce hassle, simplify our daily work and leave us more time for the things we love to do.