Not able to limit your expenses

Not able to limit your expenses, this is how I did it finally.

Whether you’re managing on a smaller income or simply looking to better manage your budget, cutting expenses can be difficult when all your monthly bills seem like they’re necessary. However, even if you’re smart with your spending, it’s likely that you still have costs you can cut.
If you are not able to limit your expenses, here are some tips which may be useful for you as I am going to share how I did it finally to come out of my debts. How much will you save or spend will completely depend on your needs and nature. You can cut down your expenses and save more using strategic planning and awareness. Read on to know more about it.
Keep a record of your expenses:
You can keep a record of your earnings, expenditures, and debts. You can do it offline or online or both. Give priority to the expenses for necessities of you and your family and repaying debts. This will help you to spend less, check your budget and come out of your debts quickly.

Switch to online money transaction and use credit/debit card for payments:
Switching to the online transaction and use of credit/debit card will help you to keep track on your expenses and limit unnecessary spending of money. Use a credit card rather than a debit card to spend according to your earnings and not to go into more debts. You can use some online apps on which you can set your budget and get alert messages whenever you reach the limit or cross that. One good app I came across is TimelyBills by ReeDepot. Simple and direct access to the real functionality is what I like about this app.

Check your lifestyle and find ways to trim your budget:
We often think about how spending less can make our life miserable. One suggestion I would like to give here is, take a trip to your home and look around for things that you simply don’t use — and do something about it. Collect together things you rarely use and will probably never use again. Sell them off, give them away — just get rid of the clutter.

Reduce buying branded products. You can buy generic in case of products you don’t care about. Find out what’s more important and on what all products you can sacrifice.
Buy used books for yourself and for your kids. If you are a regular reader and buy new books most of the time, then you are spending a lot of money and think of buying old books or use soft copy.
Use public transport, leave your car at home. In case you need to travel only a mile or two, then you can always prefer to walk.
Keep Emergency Funds:
Keep a part of your savings for the emergency fund such as medical needs, sudden down payment etc. so that you do not need to eliminate your basic expenses during such times.
Try to be happy with what you have:
Don’t always keep the desire for more. Don’t spend more than you can afford because we should know our earning limits or what we already have.
Follow these guidelines and reward yourself with small treats whenever you can succeed to limit your expenses to keep yourself motivated. Make it a habit to lead a stress-free, balanced, happy life with your near and dear ones. Keep your finances under your control.