As an IT Professional, how I financially secured my future.

Secure your financial future

I am a service class man in IT industry, one out of million. I am just writing here to express my thought and get others opinion on the same. How to secure you and your family future when there is so much insecurity in the industry. Sometimes these things keep me awake in the night.

IMO, one cannot earn money fortnightly and keep it for future, that day will never come. I remember my grandmother used to save little money from here and there and that really helped us in our sister marriage. She used to say that ‘boond boond khada bharta hai’ means a little drop of water makes the mighty ocean.

When you try to look at your income and expenses you see that you have been already saving money through LIC or mutual bonds or buying some property but is that enough?

When we are using are debit or credit card for day to day living expenses, we sometimes do not remember and it is a human nature I would say that we don’t see it in the big picture of monthly expenses and by the time we realize we get an offer of next salary and cycle restart. But in total, we and I should better say most of us don’t save money in a year or month what we did plan for.

In this era, financial survival is a concern to most of us, especially if we would like to increase our self-sufficiency, our food storage, and have peace of mind. There are always bills to pay, children to feed, and, hopefully, no big financial hits to surprise us.

I strongly believe that our current time is still the best predictor of our future. It’s all about planning and planning with technology. Inflation is real, even if the government doesn’t think so. But we’re the ones doing the shopping, we see the rising prices.

I’m not a financial expert but I feel that It is only you and your family together who can secure your future by taking care of the money and possessions you have right now in your hand in your day to day life, have a family budget and sticking to it, planning expenses as much as possible and save daily. I know they are little things but as they say, “Every little bit counts”

The easiest way to get your savings working for you is to set things up so that you automatically add a little bit each day to your savings. I would highly recommend making use of technology and smartphones which is along with you wherever you spend money. There are a lot of money management apps on google and apple platform, however being an android user I found timelybills app very useful for this purpose. Smart, simple and intuitive user experience is what I found in this app.

The overall idea is to save money from yourself and here are some strategies and tips to try out to keep your money safe from yourself.

1. Plan how would you save your money

2. Limit cash and number of credit card in your wallet

3. Track your spending and expenses using some digital media like mobile app